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The most iconic and durable hide now available Anxynt style!

Bison is renowned for its strength and touted as four times stronger than cowhide leather. I didn't just pick any old Bison hide for this model, I chose a genuine American 8-9 oz Bison that can only be found in North America. This model features a Chocolate stain and rich, deep grains thru out the footwear. This is STOUT!

The Bison model was created as a solution for customers who wanted a solid color. With my unwavering attention to detail I couldn't create just a plain brown leather item. I wanted something that would outperform any other solid Moccasin on the market. Hunters, Outdoorsman and Outdoors-women are relentless on gear, If it has the Anxynt brand it has to stand the test of the outdoors! 

As with all of our footwear, this footwear offers a built insole sandwiched between two leather layers providing close to a 1/2" of padding and protection between the ground and your foot. Dead silent and protected is the goal!

The insole features a 6mm thick, Open Cell, Breathable, Ultralight, Microban® treated insole for a lifetime of comfort and protection for the ability to wander desert sand to shale cliffs with ease. 

American sourced leather, American tanned leather, American hand sewn manufacturing. A true rarity in the world of footwear!  


(Whole sizes only, if you wear a half size and have typical width feet, we suggest sizing down. Extra wide feet (larger that EE) we suggest sizing up. Our malleable design and premium leather will conform to fit your foot.) 


Weights per pair for specific size:

6- 25oz

7- 27 oz

8- 29oz

9- 30 oz

10- 33 oz

11- 36 oz

12- 40 oz

13- 44 oz

Shipping weights are higher due to utilizing custom packaging.