About us

Andrew aka "Dad", Kayla aka "Mommy!", Kinsley aka "Sissy" and Kayson aka "What did you break now kid?" Thats the main group. Include the 5 horses (5.25 if you count the mini) the 3 dogs the lizard the frogs and the fish theres a total of about 15 of us.. 

Andrew Miller is the creator, the visionary, the dreamer. He always has an idea, it typically evolves around his rooted passion for hunting and the outdoors. A Nevada native with sagebrush in his blood. He currently works full time as an Engineering Technician for a utility company and manages Anxynt inquiries and orders on his lunch and coffee breaks from work. As well as branding product and creating new designs after work hours. Burnin the candle from both ends as some would say. Its ok! He is wired to handle it, if he is the one who answers your inquiry be ready to keep up! Andrew has been hunting the Nevada / Arizona deserts and mountains for the past 23 years. With his "free" time, when not hunting.. He is usually scouting, taking the kiddos camping, taking the whole clan fishing or searching for an excuse to get away from civilization. 

Kayla Miller. Now Kayla is a different breed as well! Working full time as an Assistant Principal for a K-8 school, full time "Mommy", Closet shoe designer and math wizard. Kayla is "accomplished" some would say. Multiple masters degrees and a bachelors degree put her first in line to organize and track business needs around here. 

Kayla and Andrew both spent a large part of there youth on horseback. Junior rodeo, High School rodeo, and a dabble in the amateur circuit (you can see how that worked out..) Bred a passion for everything equine and tailored a pretty neat sense of style for western and modern flair. Our kids have since taken on the equine passion and we really enjoy watching them learn!

So, what happens when you take 1 part crazy dreamer, 1 part structured to the core administrator, a pinch of horses, a dash of children, a scoop of hunting passion and a heaping hand full of addiction for footwear? You get Anxynt! Our spin on modernizing ancient designs and makin' old school new again! We've got a list of concepts and ideas we plan to roll out in due time!


Thank you for viewing our brain child and we hope to include you in the Anxynt family! Browse around, let us know if you have any questions. One of us will respond ASAP!