Origin Story

The story goes like this.. 

A few years back I was on my annual Arizona OTC muley hunt. My father came along to see what all the buzz was about. After a few failed stalks my father decided to hold back on the next one. Once we had some deer spotted he planned to sit on the glass and watch from afar. Not much time later we glassed up some deer and I was off to close the distance. My dad held back about 200 yards from where the deer were located. I took my time and played the wind, studied the deer behavior as I got closer and closer. I closed the distance to about 65 yards but was unable to connect. Pretty common scenario on these OTC hunts. Once I regrouped with my dad we chatted a bit about how it played out. He mentioned " I was 200 yards from the deer, I ranged you at 100 yards so you were +/- 100 yards from the herd. As slow and methodical as you were, I could still hear every branch that broke and every rock that shifted under your boots". 


That night in camp I sat evaluating my footwear by the campfire.

The following months were spent sketching out and designing what the ultimate stalking solution would be. 

I scoured the internet and was unable to find something similar to what I desired for the cactus ridden, dry grass filled, rock and pebble infested areas I typically hunted. 

The footwear you see here was my ideal solution. A product that can be worn all day if needed. A product that is tough, DEAD.SILENT. Looks damn cool, comfortable in all terrain, and helps hunters get as close as possible for increased success and epic memories. 


- Andrew Miller