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Welcome! This is where we let our crazy out.. Our hidden Door.. Our secret cellar.. If you found this (no judgement) zone feel free to kick off your shoes and get comfy. Bout' to get weird in here! 


Q: I have been thinking of competing in my first triathlon event. Will these moccasins help me win?

A: To be honest, I'm not sure you have really researched moccasins. Or triathlons. Regardless, they should certainly give you an edge depending on color choice. 

Q: Care and treatment?

A:A finish is not necessary for our footwear due to the natural oils in the leather as well as our proprietary tanning process. Any non solvent based conditioners may be used as well as waterproofing solutions if desired.

Q: I put these on my cat and it seems to experience difficultly walking, any suggestions?

A: We actually did a TON of feline R&D prior to launch.. In our experience the deciding factor of cat agility with human shoes on- was color. Try a different model / color. Let us know the results so we may store the data for future inquiries.


Q: I wore these on my recent spear fishing excursion and experienced the worst success to date. Any advice?

A: How deep did you dive? What was the current like? 99% sure it was just a bad day fishin'. A different colored pair is our consensus..