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The most iconic and durable hide now available Anxynt style!

Bison is renowned for its strength and touted as four times stronger than cowhide leather. I didn't just pick any old Bison hide for this model, I chose a genuine American 8-9 oz Bison that can only be found in North America. This model features a Chocolate stain and rich, deep grains thru out the footwear. This is STOUT!

The Bison model was created as a solution for customers who wanted a solid color. With my unwavering attention to detail I couldn't create just a plain brown leather item. I wanted something that would outperform any other solid Moccasin on the market. Hunters, Outdoorsman and Outdoors-women are relentless on gear, If it has the Anxynt brand it has to stand the test of the outdoors! 

As with all of our footwear, this footwear offers a built insole sandwiched between two leather layers providing close to a 1/2" of padding and protection between the ground and your foot. Dead silent and protected is the goal!

The insole features a 6mm thick, Open Cell, Breathable, Ultralight, Microban® treated insole for a lifetime of comfort and protection for the ability to wander desert sand to shale cliffs with ease. 

American sourced leather, American tanned leather, American hand sewn manufacturing. A true rarity in the world of footwear!  


(Whole sizes only, if you wear a half size and have typical width feet, we suggest sizing down. Extra wide feet (larger that EE) we suggest sizing up. Our malleable design and premium leather will conform to fit your foot.) 

*While we always strive to ship same day, please allow 1-2 days for processing regardless of shipping method chosen.  

Weights per pair for specific size:

6- 25oz

7- 27 oz

8- 29oz

9- 30 oz

10- 33 oz

11- 36 oz

12- 40 oz

13- 44 oz

Shipping weights are higher due to utilizing custom packaging. 



Reviews (17)

REVIEW bIson mccUllough

Written by Bill HENDERSHOT on Feb 26th 2024

Surprisingly and shockingly quiet! Very very well made! The customer service is 5 star! Very few companies share this level of service!

Anxynt bison

Written by Alexander Tristan on Feb 20th 2024

super comfortable, awesome design, and amazing quality. i love them as much as my first set!

McCullough- Bison

Written by CALVERT on Dec 24th 2023

The most comfortable foot covering ever on my feet. I have been wearing them nonstop since I received them. Only been doing chores but plan to hunt in them sometime this coming week. Craftsmanship is superb. Gonna be ordering another set for everyday wear.

Badass Bison - More Than Meets The Eye

Written by Steven on Nov 9th 2023

At first glance these look like awesome well made bison moccasins, but they are so much more. Putting them on is a treat for your feet, so comfortable you wont want to take them off. Superior construction means they will last for multiple years, do yourself a favor and get a pair as soon as possible! Highly recommended, treat yourself, you are worth it!

Great crafts

Written by Tyler Pierce on Nov 4th 2023

The best quality you’ll find anywhere.

Bison Mocs

Written by Mike in NJ on Jun 16th 2023

Very well-made moccasins. They feel great on my feet. For most boots I wear a size 11.5 extra wide. I went up to size 12, with my Anxynt moccasins, because I wanted to make sure they were wide enough for my feet. They're a little bit too long for my feet, but the width is great (a little snug - which is perfect). Shipping was fast and the communication was great. I am very pleased with this purchase and feel my Anxynt moccasins are worth every penny.


Written by Ricky LaBruno on Dec 14th 2021

Look great, feel great and quiet.

Bison, and buckskin

Written by ChaSe Stroter on Dec 6th 2021

I now have Three pair of anxynt moccasins, 2 bison and a buckskin. One pair for hunting and two for wearing out. I absolutely love them, definitely recommend ordering a size small from what you normally wear they do run big and will conform to your feet, best shoes ever, they have a customer for life with me


Written by Thomas Armosino on Dec 6th 2021

These things rock! Can't wait for bow season, but i find myself wearing them around town too.

BuFfalLo boo

Written by Dave on Nov 7th 2021

Incredibly well made and the look amazing. One foot fit perfect like a glove and the other had a little bit of a problem with my little toe. I really wanted these boots to work but my old beat up feet wouldn’t have it. I notified Anxynt and they instantly sent me a return label and Rma. Incredible boots with excellent customer service. I really wanted these boots to work for me.


Written by Chase strOther on Sep 21st 2021

I absolutely love my new anxynt bison moccasins! They are so comfortable and quiet. Already looking forward to my next pair. I can’t wait to use these this upcoming hunting season. Great quality, light weight, and rugged. I don’t feel like I have to baby them.

Great stalking shoes!

Written by Jimmy Shaw on Jul 19th 2021

Rugged construction, cool look, and most importantly they are dead silent and lightweight! I have been looking for boots exactly like this for years for archery hunting and I'm very happy with mine.


Written by matthew mcdiffett on Jun 16th 2021

These thing are quality and fit perfect. I wear a 11.5 and the 11 is great. Can’t wait to stalk with them this year.

Quiet comFort

Written by Adam Rick on May 8th 2021

I was able to stalk up to a turkey this morning while looking for wild mushrooms. I could feel the ground underneath my feet, it was a great feeling to have, it was like I was supposed to be in the woods. The soft leather protected my feet, but let them move the way they where supposed to. My turkey tag is for next week, I have good feelings about this year!

Bison moccasin

Written by Benny Anglen on Feb 16th 2021

Best moccasin I’ve ever used in the woods. The ultimate moccasin for the outdoors enthusiast. Period

bison shoes

Written by Cody martin on Feb 11th 2021

Awesome product and extremely comfortable! Highly recommend

Moccasin comment

Written by Benny Anglen on Jan 28th 2021

Such a killer moccasin whether your at home lounging or out sneaking game it’s just a mean moccasin that is super comfortable and durable. Stoked to run a pair of anxynt mocs!

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